In an eCommerce business, having a subscription model gives your customers the flexibility they deserve as it saves their time and effort in ordering products they require on a recurring basis and also helps merchants to have greater business sustainability by having a higher customer retention rate.

Through the Commerceup platform, you can integrate a subscription feature to your store which allows your customer to subscribe to a product they require on a regular basis and enable your business to have an eCommerce model that can increase customer acquisition and margin with a higher retention rate. So if your product or service suits the subscription model, then it makes sense to move into this space.

Mainly subscription can be provided in the form of "Repeated Purchase" where the customer receives the same goods on regular basis (For example - Delivering Coffee on monthly basis to the customer, where the customer pays an amount monthly to receive replenishment.) or in the form of "Subscription Boxes" where a customer receives a box of products often curated whose content may vary at times but not necessarily.

How To Create a "Repeated Purchase" Subscription Model?

Creating a Repeated Purchase subscription model is quite easy, for this you will have to make your products in your catalog available for Subscription. To do that follow the below steps-

  1. Go to Catalog -> All Products, search for your product and click on the Edit button associated with the product.

2. In the Edit Product window, toggle to the Basic Info tab and check the Allow Subscription checkbox available on the right-sidebar.

Now scroll down and click on the Save and Close button.

This product will now be available for subscription to your customer and they can subscribe to it while ordering the product through PDP and selecting the subscription frequency from the dropdown available on the same screen.

The subscription order made by customers will then be reflected in Subscriptions -> List. And concerning frequency, an order will automatically generate and will be listed in Orders as a "Manual Order".

How To Create A Subscription Box?

The Subscription box which can be created through the platform are of two types: (1) Subscription Box with the same goods. (2) Subscription Box with the varying goods.

The first type of subscription box works quite similar to "Repeated Purchase", the major difference between the two is that in the latter you can create a box of more than one product and deliver them as per the frequency opted by your customer. Once your customer has subscribed to a product (here- Subscription Box) through your store by making an order for it and selecting the frequency for which they want their subscription box to be delivered, It will be listed in the platform backend at Subscriptions -> List

In this screen, the newly subscribed order will be listed with the frequency at which the customer expects the box to be delivered with other details.

In the 2nd type of subscription box, you may club different products which may vary each time depending on what you create as a preview for your customer. The customer can later choose whether to accept the box or reject it. To know more about this type of subscription box and how to create a preview, visit: How to Create a Preview Order

Note- 1. This Order made by the customer for the subscription box will be visible in the Orders section in the platform's backend and by clicking on the View Order button associated with it you can also see the frequency for which the product is subscribed. 2. Depending on the subscription frequency, the order will be generated automatically and will be listed in the Order section as "Manual Order". For example- if the subscription frequency selected by your customer is "Monthly", then at the end of each month order will be generated automatically as a manual order and will be reflected in "Orders". 3. Depending on the integrated payment gateway, the payment for generated orders will be debited from the customer's account.

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