How to update an existing category

Through the CommerceUp platform, you can update the existing category in two ways 1. You can update the basic details of an existing category by going to Catalog --> Categories --> Edit

In the Edit Detail window, you may update the basic detail of the category

2. The second way is to update the category through the "View Product" button. Through this option, you can add an existing product, add a new product, Export the list of products, take bulk action on selected products, etc. To do so, click on the View Product button associated with your category

On the next screen. you will have multiple options to update your existing category. From here you can add products to your category using the "Add Existing Product" or "Add New Product" buttons. You can also export the list of products that you have in this category using the "Export" button.

Here you also have the option to take the same action on multiple products using the Bulk Action button.

In the Bulk Action tab, you will have four different options i.e. Edit, Analyze, Sell On, Delete.

  1. Edit- By clicking on the Edit button, you will get an "Edit Section", from here, you will have multiple details that you can edit in bulk on different items.

2. Sell-on: Using this option, you can select channels where you want to sell your products other than your store like - Amazon, Flipkart, Google, or Facebook shopping.

3. Delete: Using this option you can delete the selected products from a category.

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