How to show specific variants on PL Page

To understand this important feature, you should know what is config-item. The config item is the item that has its variants like a t-shirt that comes in different sizes. Here sizes are the variants of the product T-shirt. Here, we give you an option to show specific variants on the Product Listing Page. Now you can select the variant which you want to show instead of selecting all. Here we have Product P1 which are having four size variants 44, 42, 40, 39. By default, no size variant will show on your online store. But if you want to display the variants also with your product then you can use this feature. How to use this feature: 1. Click on Catalog->All Products, then select the product and click on the Edit button.

2. Toggle to Variant tab, Select the product variant which you want to show on the listing page, and then click on the Edit button.

3. Click on the Other Details tab & choose the option "Variant Show on listing".

NOTE- You can show a variant on the product listing page only if its parent product is published too. So make sure you have published the parent product before publishing the variant.

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