How To Add GiftWrap Charges with multiple designs For Your Online Store?

Gift wrapping is a good way to save your customers time. Your clients don't need to buy wrapping paper and message cards & pack present themselves. You can give this option to your customers on the Cart page to choose the gift card design for their items. Benefits of Offering Gift Wrap Option To Your Customers 1. Show Your Stuff Don't just tell customers you're offering only a gift wrap service. Add a photo of a beautifully wrapped sample package to each product page wherever the gift wrapping option appears. 2. Offer Multiple Gift Wrap Options You can increase the appeal of offering gift-wrapping services by giving customers a limited number of choices for how they'd like their gift to look. 3. Give A Gift Message Option Allow customers to enter a simple message to the gift recipient. You can limit the character count so you don't end up with book-length messages. 4. Keep Expenses Low You may be able to keep costs lower by supplies in bulk. How To Enable GiftWrap Option? 1. Click on Your Apps-> Gift Wrap 2. Enable GiftWrap Option and Is Customizable option as shown below. Please set the Minimum Item Value For Free Gift Wrap and Fill the Item Wrap Charges (if any).

3. Click on the Save button to save the details. How To Add Different Designs For Your GiftCard? To add different designs for your gift card; you have to create a config product with different variants. Here variants image will treat as different designs for your customers. 1. Create a config product with multiple variants. Here we are creating a config product TestGiftWrap with multiple variants red, green, and yellow.

2. Make sure all the variants should be unpublished. Here the variant images will be shown as different gift card designs to your end customers. What else you can do?

  • You can manage the prices for your multiple gift cards according to their designs.

  • One important point: you can't manage the quantity of your gift cards. If you don't have any specific design available for your customers, simply delete that particular variant or design from the config product.

3. Make sure to enable Is Gift Wrap option from config product & variant both.

How GiftWrap Option Will Show To Your Customers? 1. GiftWrap Option will show to your customers on the cart page.

2. Customers can choose gift wrap designs; by clicking on the ADD GIFT WRAP option. Here product quantity is 3. Then customers can choose the gift wrap equal to or less than added product quantity.

3. Giftwrap charges will be shown in the Price detail section on Cart Page, Checkout Page, and on Order Detail Screen. Cost of Per Design: 5 Rs. Total Gift Wrap added : 3 quantity Total Gift Wrap Charges: 15 Rs.

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