Platform Change Log



  • New filters-> Affliate ID & Coupon ID in order section. -> New Feature

  • Remove white space showing below in the order detail page-> Major Bug Fix

  • Make dashboard as mobile responsive-> Enhancement

  • Enable/Disable Toggle added in Google Analytics for GA4 Tracking-> Enhancement

  • In case of exceed quantity limit show a correct message in edit products.-> Major Bug Fix



  • Coupon MAXIMUM CART VALUE AMOUNT( now we have minimum cart value)-> New Feature

  • Free Shipping coupons-> New Feature



  • New Widgets Integrated-> New Feature

  • Affiliate Marketing & Coupons-> New Feature

  • On publish app config - A popup will come to ensure you are publish your changes & show project name.-> New Feature



  • Angular Version Update 15.0.0-> New Update



  • Bulk Upload V2 -> Enhancement

  • Design Editor For Adding Firework Script-> New Feature

  • In Customer Filter: Set Verified as default in Phone Verified filter.-> Enhancement


November 28


  • Dashboard

    1. Introduced a feedback form through which users can directly share their feedback of platform with the team.

  • Coupons

    1. Introduced user specific coupons functionality, using which admin can create coupons for a specific user now.

  • Archive

    1. Added an archive feature which periodically archives old orders and logs.


  • Collections

    1. Added support for multiple selection and deletion of sku's at once.

  • Multi-Seller

    1. Improved automatic inventory sync to fix any product quantity mismatch issue.


October 18


  • Dashboard

    1. Dashboard updated with a complete fresh look and faster page load.

    2. Added graphs in the dashboard to give a visual representation to sales and orders.

    3. Introduced new separate dashboard screens for Customers, Inventory and Sales. Users will now be able to see more detailed data in these screens.

  • Orders

    1. Introduced a new Orders page with a modern look and updated functionality. You can now switch to the new version using the toggle ‘Switch to new version’ button in the Orders page.

  • Billing and Payments

    1. Introduced a Current Plan page where users will be able to see their active plan and billing related summary. User’s will be able to see their active add-ons and usage history.

    2. Introduced Background Task Usages section where users will be able to view the detailed data of background tasks like importer, notification triggers etc.

    3. Introduced Invoices page where users will be able to see history of their credits transactions.

  • User Roles

    1. Introduced few new roles.

  • Design Editor

    1. Introduced new modern widgets in design editor.

  • Microsoft Login for new customers.


  • Reports

    1. Added graphs for visual representation in a few reports

  • Customers

    1. Improvised the design of the Customers page for better user experience. Applied/Current Active filters will be shown during export of customers data to provide more clarity before exporting.

    2. Customers page API has also been updated for faster response. Users will now be able to search by just using partial names of customers.

  • User Roles

    1. User Roles UI has been updated with a new look. We’ve now separated User Roles in two parts i.e Merchant Staff & Commerceup Support.

  • Design Editor

    1. Design editor has been completely revamped to a very fresh and modern look.

    2. Preview section has also been optimized to provide a smooth experience.

  • Improved No internet connection & Low internet connection detection


September 05


  • UI Improvement

    1. All Customers: Updated the UI of All Customers page to a fresh look. Updated filters to give faster and accurate data. We also improved the Export Customers functionality, you will now be able to see the filters applied to the customers before exporting.

September 05


  • Store Set up: We have introduced new functions to set up your store. Now if a new user comes to the platform and signup, they can choose the e-store category, according to their business. Then the base theme which we provide will be with sample products, navigation menu and store design belonging to that category.

  • Task Data : Task Data has been introduced in Billing & Payment to track downloaded reports, sent mails and track the number of times third party integration data has been synchronized with CommerceUp.

  • Platform Gateways: We have introduced the following new payment gateways on platform: Tamara, Tap, PayFort EMI and can be integrated into stores through the CommerceUp platform.

  • Shipment Provider : QuiQup is now available as a shipping provider gateway and can be integrated into stores through the CommerceUp platform.

  • Media & File : We have renamed Gallery and changed to Media & files on platform. A new Files Section has been introduced to upload files in the format of .CSV, .txt, .pdf, .docx (max file size: 15 MB).

  • Multi Seller : Export Seller Product new function has been introduced in Multi seller. Now Store Owners can export all products of their seller by navigating to Multi Seller > Sellers > View > Products.


  • UI Improvement

    1. Navigation Menu: We have improved the UI for Navigation Menu. Now an easier way has been introduced to add subcategories in the parent category.

    2. Domain: We have made design improvements in Domain Screen.

    3. Support system : We have revamped Overall UI of the Support System. The support ticket system has been improved with categorizing all issues and introducing options to attach files while raising new tickets.

    4. Reports : Reports section has been revamped with modern

    5. Orders: Updated tabs in orders page. 'All Orders' tab is now the default selected option on landing.

  • New Features

    1. Static Pages : We have introduced new templates for static pages. Now you have options to choose static page from variety of new templates.

    2. Billing & Payment : We have now integrated payment gateways, Stripe and Razorpay for recharging the wallet.

    3. Custom mailer and SMS: We have made design improvements for the Custom Mailers and SMS and new Templates and themes have been introduced.

    4. Online Store: Design Assets has been introduced in Online Store and existing Store icon Option and Store popup have been added inside Design Assets. Custom Override CSS new function has been introduced to edit a CSS.


February 25


February 18


February 04


  • Order Status "Return To Origin"- We have added new order status "Return To Origin" that can be marked to order in case if it is not delivered due to unavailability of customer and is returned back to warehouse. To know how to change order status, visit:How to Change the Status of an Order

  • New Offline alert is added for our PWA, now if a customer's internet is unresponsive for any reason, an alert strip will be displayed on screen with a message "Your are offline. Please check your internet connection."


January 21



  • UI Improvement- We have made design improvements for the following screens- Categories/ Brands (Catalog Management Section), Sale/Coupons (Marketing), Shipment (Settings).

  • In the Bulk Upload feature, You can now reorder the Commercup Fields while mapping your CSV through Drag & Drop action.

January 15


  • Mailer V2 - We have released a new version for custom mailers, using this feature you will now be able to optimize your mailer and update any cosmetic changes that you wish to make into your mailer right from the platform backend. To access this feature, visit:


  • Monthly Comparison (Sales) Fix - we have fixed the bug which was hindering the comparison. Also, we have introduced the option to select the year and make a comparison for its respective months.

January 08


  • Subscription Model- Using this feature you will be able to provide a subscription service for your product either in the form of "Repeated Purchase" or "Subscription Box". To know more about this feature, visit: Subscriptions


  • UI/UX Improvement- We have made design improvements on the Commerceup Platform.


December 31


December 21



  • Transaction ID for manual payment approval: From now on while approving payment for pending payment transactions, you will be able to fill in Transaction Id to approve payment in the pop-up.

  • View Product Count: On clicking the "View Count" button in the category section, it will now display the total count of Active/Published products of a category.


  • Resource URL (Importer) fix - While using importer (CSV), the image column will no longer be considered if instead of "image name" its "URL" or "Google drive link" is mentioned in it and will reflect as an error in the importer.

December 15



  • Credit Points- The user detail section has been updated and now it will also include the Credit Point details of a user with other details.

  • Static Text in the platform has been improved.

  • Google Merchant XML has been improved.

December 08


  • Serviceable Pin-code - Using this new feature, you can now add pin codes to which you are providing delivery services. Once enabled, Your customers will also be able to check if a product is deliverable to their location. To know more, visit:Serviceable Pin-code


  • Item-type CSV (Mapping)fix: While uploading a product CSV, if a new custom storefront key is created by the name "type" and mistakenly mapped with the "item-type" key, it will no longer accept that as its value and from now on will show as an error, also will not be reflected on the store.

December 01


  • Support Center feature has been added to the platform backend. Now you will be able to raise an issue ticket, chat with our expert, or visit the help documentation straight from the platform backend.

  • "WooDelivery" is added as a shipping provider gateway, you may now integrate the same on your store. To access it, go to

  • "UniFonic" SMS gateway is now available for SMS integration. To access it, go to

  • Import - Export feature for Custom Mailers has been added. Now you can Export mailers through a zip file, make changes to those and import the same to the custom mailer feature.


  • Product Add-On tab: In the product's add-on tab, the Description field is not mandatory anymore.

  • Product Add-On tab: You will now be able to upload an image with your product's add-on.

  • Pin-Code Validation: While creating a new manual order, only those orders will be created whose postal code is enabled or exists in the Serviceable Pin-Code feature.

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