Features List for an admin in Multi-seller System.

Admin gets full control over vendors, orders, products, upload of seller products & their quantity. In this document, you will read what are the different roles & responsibilities an admin can perform in a multi-seller system.

Features of Admin in Multi-Seller System.

Simple & empowering features of the CommerceUp multi-vendor marketplace.

  1. Admin can register a new seller.

Quick & easy registration allows admin to register with complete details. A Unique seller account is created for each vendor by filling the details in a simple registration form. Complete details of seller company, address, login etc. captured in one go.

2. Products Upload Flow

Seller will send the product CSV to an admin via mail. Admin will upload the product CSV via the Import system. In other words, the upload of new products or changes in existing products will be done by admin only.

3. Monitor Seller Sale

Admin can monitor vendor dashboard from where an admin can view the orders sale, check the count of orders as per order status-wise, product sales recent orders, and the list of top-selling products on the basis of daily, monthly, and on yearly basis.

4. View Seller Products

Admin can view the listing of products added by the seller. In product listing, the admin can check the amount of quantity left for the products added by the seller. Also, check the original & store price of the products with product name & SKU number.

5. View Seller Orders

Admin can view the coming orders list of each seller by clicking on the View->Orders button. Admin can view the list of open orders, closed orders, ready-to-ship orders, shipped orders, canceled orders, and returned orders. In addition to that admin can search the product with the help of SKU number, product name, and order number.

6. Assigning of Products. Admin can assign the products to each seller. There are two ways through which the admin can add the products for the seller.

  1. Add a Single product for the seller

  • Click on the Catalog->All Products->Edit button.

  • Click on the Seller Details tab & add a seller to assign the products.

  • Search the seller by name or mail id.

  • Assign the product to the seller

2. Assign Products in Bulk to Seller

  • To assign the products in bulk to a seller; click on the Multi-seller->Bulk Seller Mapping.

  • Download the sample csv for reference.

  • In csv; add the sku number & supplier id.

  • Upload the csv & click on Import button.

7. Upload Quantity in Bulk for each seller

Admin can upload the quantity in bulk for each seller by following the simple steps:

  • Click on Multi Sellers-> Sellers

  • Go to the particular seller for which you want to update the quantity.

  • Click on the Edit button & click on Update Inventory tab

  • Download the sample CSV.

  • Add SKU no & quantity in CSV.

  • Upload the CSV

  • Click on the Import button.

8. Add Support Information

Admin can add support information like mail id & contact no. With the help of this information, the supplier can contact admin. The added information by an admin will show to each seller on their dashboard.

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