Serviceable Pin-code

Using this app, you can now add or manage all the postal codes that you are providing your services to. Also, by enabling this on your store your users will be able to check if a product is deliverable to their locations or not from the PDP or through the Checkout page on your store.

Follow the below steps to enable this feature-

  1. From the platform backend, Go to Your Apps -> Serviceable Pincode

2. In the "Pincode Update" window, click on the Enable button in the "User will be able to check delivery" section. And then click on the "Save" button.

How to Add a Pin-code Manually?

  1. Go to Your Apps -> Serviceable Pincode, Click on the Add Pincode button.

  2. In the Add Pin Code popup, Fill in the details like Pin code, City, State, and Country. And then Click on the Save button.

3. You may also Update/Delete the existing pin code from the same screen by clicking on the Delete or Update buttons.

4. Finally click on the Save button, to save all the changes you made.

5. To know how to add pincodes using bulk, visit: Import/Export Pincode

How does the Customer check Pincode availability?

  • Customers can check the Pincode is serviceable or not from the PDP Page. Here we have entered Pincode 118. An Error message is showing to a customer: "Not a valid Pincode".

How Pincode works in Add & Edit Address

  • If a customer will try to enter an invalid Pincode, a customer gets an error message: "Pincode is not serviceable".

  • What will happen if an address is already saved with an incorrect Pincode? In this case, an error message is thrown once a customer clicks on the Place order button.

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