Detail Page

This is the most important page where you can show the important things related to your products and increases the awareness of your store products. The detailed information helps your customers to know about the products & they can differentiate with other store products as well.

Customers can check Original Price , Store Price , Product description, short description, check out the product images, discount given in terms of sales & offers applied. In addition to that, they can check the reviews of another customers as well.

All the coming customers on your store can look at the images of the products in more better way by zoom-out the images.

As a publisher you can add the product weight, volume, model number, color of product, brand material, ready to ship status, bar-code of the product, and so on. through product specification tab. You can add the brand logo on Product Detail Page & add the value of your brand. You can add no of images for the products & its variants.

You can show the social media icons like Twitter, Facebook, and Whtsapp on Product Description Page through which customers can share the products.

There are three types of Product Description Page we have:

  1. Type-1

  2. Type-2

  3. Type-3.

You can chose any of the one type and make your store as per your need. Also you can enable & disable the share icons, specification tab, reviews, and policies.

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