How to Create a Preview Order

This is the 2nd type of subscription box you can create through the "Subscriptions" feature. Through this feature, you will be able to provide your customers with different products each time they get their box. This Box can be sent to your customer as a preview before it is shipped, your customer can then choose whether to accept it or not.

Once they have accepted the box preview, an order will be generated automatically as a manual order and will be reflected in the Order section in the platform's backend.

To Create a Preview Order, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Go to Subscriptions -> List, now by clicking on the Action button associated with the order, you will have two choices, (1) you can either preview the order which will be sent via the box, or (2) create an order preview for the box.

2. We will start by creating an order preview which will be reflected to your registered customer on the storefront. Now to Create a preview click on the "Create Preview Order" button.

4. In Create Order Preview screen, via the search box, search for the products you want to add to your box and click on the Add Product button.

These added products will be listed on the same screen down below.

From here you can change the quantity of the product or delete the product from your selections.

5. Once you are done adding products, click on the Submit Preview button.

6. After you have submitted the preview, it will reflect in Subscriptions -> Preview Orders. Your newly created preview will have its status as "Waiting for publisher". You can send this preview to your customer by clicking on the action button associated with the preview order and then clicking on the "Send to Customer" button.

7. Once you click on the Send To Customer, the status will change to "Waiting For Customer" and this package will reflect into the customer' account on your storefront, from where the customer can either accept the Box that you created by clicking on the "Get this Box" button or reject it by clicking on the button right below.

8. After a customer has accepted the box, the status of the Preview Order will change to "Accepted", it will then be created as manual order and will be listed in the Orders section in the platform backend.

You can then view the Order created or take appropriate action. When you click on the View Order button, all the items that were in the box will be listed and have their status as "Confirmed".

This is how you can Create a Subscription Box.

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