How to Change the Status of an Order

Once an order is placed, the next job is to update the whereabouts of the order and notify the same to user and shipping provider. Doing so helps keep track of an order on all the ends and helps you maintain inventory and keep it updated.

To change the order through the platform, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Orders, and locate the order for which you want to update the status.

  2. Click on the View Order button.

3. In the next pop-up, scroll down to "Mark Selected Item As" and select the status from the dropdown menu, for the selected order from the same popup.

These changes will be reflected back into their respective tab in the main order window. For example, if the status is changed from "Open" to "Ready to Ship", then you find the same order in the "Ready to Ship" tab. From there you can again update the status order in the same way.

Similarly, you can also generate the invoice for the order, to know-how, visit:How to Generate Invoice and Packing Slip

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