Catalog Page

Every Website Builder template includes some catalog pages, you can create these pages through this tab and linked these catalog pages to the home screen.

1. Create a catalog page- Catalog Page window will open once you click on the Create button. Next, enter the name of your Catalog Page and click on the Create button to create your Catalog Page. Check your created catalog page under the drop-down menu pages of the catalog.

2. Design your catalog page: You will get the option to control the look and feel of the catalog page- Design and Content.

Design: Through this section; you can not only set the background color but also manage the margin, padding, upload image and so on...

Content: On clicking on the Content part; you can add header & images for web & mobile both for a particular widget.

3. Link your Catalog page to the Widget:

  1. Go to Home Page & click on Add New Widget button.

  2. Choose the Widget & click on Add to Page button.

  3. Click on the Content drop-down menu & choose the option Open Catalog Page.

  4. Add the Catalog Page by clicking on the Search tab.

  5. Add multiple images for desktop & mobile for the widget.

  6. On clicking on that particular widget images; your added catalog page will open.

  7. Click on the Save button in Upload Widget data.

  8. Click on the Save & Publish button to publish your changes.

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