CSV: Dos And Don'ts

1. SKU and Parent_SKU: In the case of Config-Item, the SKU of the parent product will be used as "PARENT_SKU" for the variant of Config-Item to link the variant to its parent product. Hence, make sure you put the correct SKU in the PARENT_SKU field of variant and Do not leave it empty, otherwise, the product will not be reflected in your store and will show an error on import (For reference, consider the below image).

Do make sure that PARENT_SKU is only provided for a variant product and not other products.

2. Item-type: Since it is a mandatory field, you cannot upload a product without first defining its item type (i.e. Simple or Configured item), or else it will not be considered in your CSV and may reflect as an error while importing data on the platform.

3. IMAGE (THUMBIMAGE): a.) Do Make sure you put the same name as uploaded in the Product tab of Gallery to avoid any error. To avoid any confusion or error with the image name, please refrain from using any special symbol (like a comma, &,$, etc.) or ay extra white spaces. b.) In the case of Config-Item, you can leave the parent product' image field empty. c.) Don't put up a google drive link or resource URL in the image or other images field.

d.) Do watch out for the following mentioned points regarding images while uploading a CSV.

e.) Do not forget to validate the extension of your images like jpg, jpeg, png in the image name.

4. Quantity: In the case of Config-item, the quantity of product considered will be the total quantity of all the variants available. Do not put any quantity in the parent item, as it will not be considered, only the total quantity of variant is reflected in the store.

5. Category: a) Do not add a product without first categorizing it into a relevant category otherwise, it will not be added to your product list. b) Do (in the case of Config-Item) make sure you put a category for parent items too, and those categories should match with variants of the product. c) Do use a "Comma" to separate subcategories from main categories.

6. Long Description: If you wish to give a long description of your product and you don’t want that to be just a paragraph but more like bullet points or tabular form, you will have to use HTML format and copy the same to its associated field.

7. Don't leave any empty row in between products while creating a CSV.

8. The fields Option1Name, Option1Value, etc. are used to provide the attribute of a variant product and its values, so Do make sure that you fill it only for variant products and not other types of products. Always make sure about lower case/upper case, keep the same across rows for all columns. otherwise, a duplicate entry gets created for attributes, etc.

9. As for the product name, it can be marked as <Brand name> <Product Name> <attribute i.e. quantity/size (if any)>, for example - Zara Men Blue Shirt, or Apple iPhone 64GB.

10. Do make sure to validate your CSV by clicking on the Start Validation button before you start Import to know if all your products mentioned in the CSV are accounted for.

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