How to Create a Manual Order

If any of your customers is not reachable to the Internet or unable to place an order due to any reason through your online store. To tackle such critical situations, you can use this feature.

You can create a manual order for your customers through the platform. It is very simple & easy to use. Through this feature, you can create an order on behalf of your customers. It will help you to give a better experience to your customers. How to create a manual order? 1. Go to the Orders -> Create New Order.

2. In the Create Order window, fill in all the customer-related detail like - - name, email, phone no., - delivery address, - their choice of payment, - Additional Charges like shipping, COD charge, - Apply coupon (if applicable)

3. To add Products, Scroll down and click on the Add Products button. You may also enable/disable notification for customer through "Notify user"

In the "Add product" popup, You can search the product (by name or by SKUs) & add it to your manual order.

After adding the product, you change the Quantity, price, add giftwrap charges.

  • In the same way; you can add multiple products in manual order creation for your customers.

  • You can delete the product through the Delete button.

  • You can also enable Giftwrap with a particular product. Also, you can write

5. Finally click on the Create order button.

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