Banner Images For PDP & Cart Page

As we know the importance of images in eCommerce. Excellent product images are extremely important in eCommerce as visuals form a large part of a potential customer's first impression in the buying process. Blurry, inconsistent, and small product images can make you lose potential sales. To understand this value, we have introduced a new feature through which you can embed a banner image for all your products. And you can show this image on PDP Page & Cart Page as per your requirement. This feature is for both desktop & mobile. Please follow the below steps: How To Add Banner Image For PDP & Cart Page. 1. Click on Your Apps->Banner Images.

2. Click on the Upload New Image button

3. Upload Banner Image for Desktop & Mobile Through this section, you can add the banner image for desktop & mobile PDP & Cart Page. Also, you can add the link to the image. Through that image link, you can redirect the user from one page to another. Here we will add the image for the Desktop PDP Page. And we are going to add the link to the image. When a customer clicks on the image, he will redirect to the Product Listing page. a) Route Link Through this link, you can add a link to the image. Once a user will click on the image it will redirect to another page. Here I m adding an action where a user will click on the image & redirect to the Product Listing Page. You can copy this link from your store's Product Listing Page. Route Link: /products/products-listing b) Upload Image Upload the Banner Image. c) Key Choose the option for which you want to upload the image. Here I m choosing the option Desktop PDP Page. Please note that if you won't upload the image for the mobile PDP Page, then the same image will show which has been uploaded for Desktop PDP.

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