Tokenization Pay

As a merchant, enabling a seamless payment experience to customers and giving them an option of faster checkout by allowing them to save their card details using tokenization mechanism will not only give your customers a superior experience but also will help increase your revenue as now they won't have to enter their card details every time they shop which will decrease drop offs at checkout page. And also you will be able to provide personalized offers to your customers on checkout page.

Card tokenization is a process where original card number is replaced by some random 16 digit string called "token". Card tokenization secures customer' card data thereby reducing frauds or data breaches as you will only store the last 4 digits of card and the name of card owner and rest will be masked, this will lead to greater customer confidence in digital payments.

To enable Tokenization pay on your store, from platform' backend go to Your Apps -> Tokenization Pay, and click on the "Enable tokenization Pay" checkbox. And then click on the Save button.

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