Solution Partner

Solution Partner Program is for agencies, systems integrators, consultants and other service providers interested in co-selling and implementing commerceup for their clients.

A solution partner is a company or individual (merchant) that purchases goods or services with the intention of selling them rather than consuming or using them. This is usually done for profit .

Build eCommerce stores for your clients and earn recurring commission of the customer's monthly payment.

Who can become a solution partner?

From a student to an e-commerce consultant, anyone can partner with commerceup for the partner program. Here are some of the popular categories amongst existing commerceup partners:

  • Web & app developers

  • Digital marketing service providers

  • Web hosting services

  • Bloggers and influencers

  • Freelancers & unregistered businesses

  • E-commerce consultants

  • ERP integrators

  • Individuals & students

Any business, ranging from an enterprise to an individual, with a client base that needs online store for their business can be a part of this program.

What are solution partner responsibilities?

As solution partner its your responsibility to manage commerceup client on behalf of us. You will connect the merchant with commerceup onboarding team to understand requirement and initiate the process. You will be first point of contact to commerceup merchants not only while onboarding but whole life cycle of merchant. We give support of commerceup account manager till the limit of 5 merchants, After 5 merchants it's advised to have dedicated account manager for commerceup who will be handling client queries directly.

  • The Solution Partner shall do required for the promotion and marketing of the product as required.

  • The Solution Partner shall include the details of the products in the brochures, websites or any other promotion and marketing tools.

  • The Solution Partner shall keep a record of invoices and payment transparent. And shall be responsible for the collection of payment unless all payments are directly handled by Commerceup.

  • The Solution Partner shall do the first level pitching and Initial Demo to the customer with the materials and training provided by the company.

What kind of merchants fits best with solution partners?

Commerceup deal with ecommerce business who are mid market merchants and looking for a custom, fast and reliable ecommerce platform. Commerceup fits for all kinda businesses in industries related to Perfumes, clothing, furniture & decor, accessories, grocery, marketplace.

What are solution partner commissions?

As solution partner, We look for partners who can also offer some other functionalities, features, support which compliments commerceup, It can be support of design, digital marketing, ERP, support. According to that commission is discussed.

If your company ABC gets a new client XYZ to commerceup,

After understanding requirement if following payment terms are decided :



Partner commission (20%)

Initial Setup

AED 30000

AED 6000 (One time)

Platform subscription fees

AED 3000

AED 600 (every month)

Upselling (Initiated by partner)

AED 5000

AED 1000 (one time)

Commissions does not include extra api usage, credits and upselling recommended by commerceup inside platform.

How this works?

You are an individual/company who knows another individual/company who are looking to start an ecommerce business or looking to migrate from existing ecommerce platform. This Partner Program provides a smoother onboarding of clients and lets Partners take action on their behalf. Please contact if you want to register yourself as a solution partner.

Once you have signed up partner agreement with us, You can initiate introductory call to understand in commerceup details. We can provide support of commerceup demo in initial days from our team and later on this is to be managed by solution partner team itself.

Once client onboards, Invoices needs to be paid to commerceup and solution partner commission fees will be released in 15 days and can be managed at dashboard (WIP).

Terms & Conditions :

  1. If client revokes the subscription in less than 3 months, We are entitled to consider your reseller partnership again.

  2. You will be required to attend meetings with clients regularly and needs to be managed.

  3. Invoices will be raised by Commerceup and your details of partner fees can be visible on commerceup partner dashboard.

  4. You are not advised to onboard any customer without prior information to commerceup account manager.

  5. Partner commissions are only applicable till you are an active solution partner and fulfilling your responsibilities.

Already have some contacts? Write to us at with your details to connect or schedule a call at

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