How to Add Long Description to a Product

Adding a detailed description is important as it highlights every necessary detail that your product has and helps it to stand apart by listing out its Unique Selling Point. You can add a long description to your product either by editing your product directly from the platform (using an in-built text editor) or it can be done in bulk for different products using a CSV file.

1.) Add Description Using Platform' Text Editor: You can add a long description using the inbuilt text editor by editing the product, doing so will help you avoid writing HTML code but it can only be done for one product at a time. To do so follow the given steps: Catalog-> All Products-> Edit

Now, in the Basic detail tab of the Edit Product window, Scroll down to text Editor and write the description, and style it as you like. For example, we are going to put the description in Bullet Points (you can also choose to write it in the form of a paragraph).

Next, Save it using Save & Close button, or use Save & Continue if you want to save the current detail and still want to keep editing other details (not long description) of product using different tabs.

2.) Using CSV to write Long Description: Writing a long description one by one for a number of products could be taxing and time-consuming as you have to edit each product individually. Hence, using a CSV can help avoid that. In the Long description column of CSV, you can add a detailed description of your product, either in the form of plain text, which will be considered as one paragraph and will be displayed as same, Or you can add the details in the form of HTML tags, which will be styled as accordingly. For example, if you want to show description in the form of bullet Points or tabulated form, add a description as illustrated in the below image using HTML tags:

The above input will result into the following after CSV is successfully uploaded and mapped.

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