How this works?

As we work on building custom online stores, We need to understand your requirements in detail. You can reach commerceup directly or can connect any of our solution partners worldwide. You can schedule a demo anytime at

We recommend you to checkout following beforehand :

Steps :

  1. Schedule a demo and share your requirements

  2. Commerceup expert / Solution partner will get back with proposal

  3. Once approve, Onboarding team will take care of your store setup and migration

  4. Launch your store

Moving from one ecommerce solution to another can be a big hassle, when you had to migrate your entire product range. Our team can help the take the hassle out of moving and importing products on behalf of you.

Any questions? Please feel free to ask at :


What do we do in initial setup?

If you are looking for unique designed ecommerce store which does not take weeks to launch,Our team of designers, developers, testers make sure that your online store is production ready.

We do the research on your competitors and provide custom designs to fulfill your ecommerce business needs. You give us an idea and let us handle the rest.

Any ecommerce store is not about just presence but also need to be integrated with right tools which include on page SEO, Analytics (such as Google/FB pixel/ Tag manager), Social media login, Static pages designs, Offers & promotions setup.

We work on following :

  • Customized home page design specific to store and with available iterations

  • Customized About us/ Store locator/ Policies pages

  • Full support in setting up store in upload products, brands data, banners and linking.

  • iOS & Android Apps (Pre defined template, Which is a manual task)

  • Dedicated account manager whatsapp support

  • Setting up Google and Facebook Shop feed

  • Advanced reports system enabled

  • Custom transaction mailers design

  • Shipping gateway setup for printing shipping label

  • Multiple user roles access

  • Mailer subscriptions for team setup

  • Advanced settings such as abandoned cart mailer/loyalty program/feedback mailers/daily report

  • Buy 1 get 1 kind of offers setup

  • Detailed ecommerce tracking setup

  • Social Login setup

  • Full support of : Technology, Graphics, Additional customization.

We do not limit here but we also support in choosing Add on such as Multi Vendor, ERP integrations, Multi Lingual etc.

What kind of support is included in monthly subscription plan?

Once your store is live, We charge for monthly subscription plan. With Enterprise we run many analyze reports, syncing which keeps on happening in background to make sure your online store is running perfectly fine.

This subscription plan support includes account manager support who can be reached by email/WhatsApp/phone. We allow 100K sessions/1M Api requests in system free per month for you, which is good for a growing business. As you grow more your api usage is shown in platform and can pay INR 1000 per 100K Api requests.

What if we require additional customization/features in our store?

Your subscription plan contains a priority support, As a platform we are continuously adding new features in platform which goes as a package and you can use or opt feature directly.

If you require any additional customization, Feel free to discuss with your account manager. If features are already included in platform we will toggle those on for you. If feature requires any additional work from development team, We will quote as an additional cost. Good part is we are never limiting you for your business needs.

What are additional add ons which i can opt in this plan?

In this plan you can opt for following :


Pricing (India)

Account Manager Support (Get commerceup expert to keep an eye on your store and make platform changes on your behalf at any time)


Digital Marketing Support

On Discussion

SEO Support

On discussion

Mobile Applications (Template driven)

On discussion

ERP Integration

On discussion

Custom Shipment Provider

1 Included

Custom (New) Payment gateway

1 Included

Multi Vendor

(One time)

Subscription fees per month for marketplace features support

Multi Lingual

Google translation Included, Localization on demand.

Multi Currency

On discussion

How do we calculate API usage?

Commerceup is a pre hosted solution which means we take care of all the hassle of hosting, server management, auto scaling and provide the best uptime in a best cloud infrastructure. Commerceup is API driven ecommerce. What are api calls? Api calls are inclusive of requests made by client device (Browser+Apps) to fetch data from servers. Each functionality which you see on a website is divided in multiple api to receive data and showing data. For every client by using Amazon API gateway we keep a track of api used as count for that particular store.

How is costing calculated for apis? We will try to not to go into much technical details but Api cost includes Data transferred via apis and supported hosting servers time. As you scale up, Servers size increase, Data transfer size increases. Every online store comes with the following modules but not limited to these only : 1. Admin module (Backend) : This module comprises multiple servers for hosting and then database servers which is managed by commerceup and it is not calculated in your api usage count. 2. Storefront (Web, Mobile web and Mobile Apps) : This module is where your websites are hosted and this also needs to scale up. 3. Databases : This is where we save all the details of your store. Each time you upload new products, Database synchronizes. 4. Scheduled Services Server : To run scheduled services like importer, emailers, reporting, push notifications, usage report and much more. There are multiple servers running, This count is not linked with api usage count. 5. Image optimizer : Every image which you see on a website gets optimized according to the device screen for which separate services run. 6. Cloudfront delivery : This is a very important aspect and comes with costing for every data transfer but is very much needed for fast content delivery.

This kind of infrastructure comes with a huge cost but we believe in optimizing the same and you don't need to worry and spend your nights in reaching on scalable business. Thatswhy we say you take care of your core competencies and leave technology to us.

What happens if i want to terminate my plan?

As its a SaaS platform, You can anytime terminate your plan. Your subscription stays for the amount paid in advance. You can export your product, orders data in your subscription period to migrate to any other platform or for your choice. CommerceUp is not responsible for any data loss once your subscription period expires.