Shipping slots are the simplified solution to offer scheduled delivery for your store's products and streamline your delivery process, leading to the most satisfactory delivery experience for the customers. Do you want to deliver orders at the customer's command? If yes then, this can be achieved using the Delivery Slot Management System. With delivery slot management, you can let your customers choose their preferred date and time when they want to get the orders. How To Enable Shipping Slots For Your Online Store 1. Click on Your Apps->Shipping Slots, click on the Enable Shipping Slots checkbox.

Next, we will understand each field one by one with an example:

  • Shipping available in future days If you want to enable shipping for the next seven days only, you have to fill the number 7 in the "Shipping available in future days" field. It will be active from the current date to the next 7 days. for eg: Today's date is 27th Dec 2021. Then it will enable the shipping from today's date 27th December to the next 7 days.

And this will be reflected in your store as illustrated below

  • Start Time & End date Once you have enabled the shipping slot feature and entered the days for shipping available, next you have to fill in the shipping slots information like the Start date & End date of your delivery information in the start & end date fields for each day of the week or for the days your shipping is available in a week. To access that, click on the dropdown button highlighted in the below image, and in the dropdown, click on the Add button

After clicking the Add button, you will have to fill in the slot's Start and End time in their respective fields (Note- The time format is 24 Hours clock, so fill in accordingly).

  • Number of Orders Per Slot From the same screen, you can also add the number of orders per slot in the "Number of Orders Per Slot" field, that you would be delivering in a particular shipping slot and once this order limit exceeds, your users will not be able to select that slot for delivery and will have to choose the next available shipping slot. For example - in the image illustrated below, where we add the limit of 10 orders for timeslot 09:00 AM to 13:00 PM. In the same way; you can add the limit as per time slots. Once the order limit exceeds then the Place order button gets disabled and the customer will not be able to place an order for that particular shipping slot.

Role of Time Difference Between current & delivery slots(HH: MM)

You can maintain a time gap between the current timings & the next delivery slot by using this feature. for eg: The current time of your system is 11:32 AM. And in delivery slots, there are three slots available. The available timeslots are: 11 am to 12 pm, 12 pm to 13 pm, and 13 pm to 14 pm. And in the time difference between current & delivery slots; you can mention the timings as per your need. Here, I am giving a difference of 1 hour. Then on your store, it will show the slot after 1 hour from the current timings. In that case, only 1 slot will show to the customer i.e. 13:00 pm to 14:00 pm.

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