How to Bulk Update Existing Products

This section is used only when you have already uploaded product details in commerceup and just want to update few data.

Common use case could be :

  • Updating prices of products

  • Updating active status of products

  • Updating categories of products

  • Updating Images of products

  • Updating SEO details of products uploaded

What you cannot do with this bulk update?

  • You cannot add new products via this method and can only update existing products.

  • You can never update a product SKU, You can only remove and create new product.

  • You cannot delete a product just can mark it as unpublished by making active column to be 0

  • To update images, Please make sure new images are uploaded with different name and same names are copied in image column.

  • You cannot update item-type of a product

CSV will only use columns which are needed to update, SKU is mandatory column. CSV might look like this

We assume that you are already prepared with your updated product CSV. Now, the next steps are the same as you did while uploading the new product CSV.

1. Bulk Upload -> Upload Existing Products CSV.

2. Click on Upload CSV button and browse the CSV file.

If you will click on use images uploaded in the gallery button then CommerceUp platform picks the image from the gallery to map with CSV. You can mark it as unchecked if you are using image links in csv or uploading products without image.

3) Map your fields with CommerceUp Fields

After you have uploaded the CSV file, next is to map the fields. Map only those fields which you want to update and rest you can ignore.

After mapping the fields that you wanted to update, click on Save & Next

4) Start Import

After saving mapping, the next step is to start the import of the added products through the Start Import button.

5) How to check if there are any errors

To verify the uploaded CSV has been uploading successfully the publisher will click on the Log button. He can debug the CSV uploaded errors through Import Logs window.

And that's how products are updated in bulk using CSV.

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