Reminder Email After x no of days

Reminder emails are a very simple & quick way to grasp the attention of any customer. Even studies also say that every dollar you spend on email marketing can generate a return of up to $ 38. A significant no. of customers check their emails every day. Through these emails, you can encourage the customers to buy again from your online store. You can also offer them special discounts in the form of coupons. It helps you to enhance the chances of repeated purchases, increase your revenue and most of all deliver satisfaction to the customer.

How To Enable Order Reminder Email

  1. Click on Settings->Your Apps->Order Reminder.

2. Enable Order Reminder Option. How To Create Coupon with x no of days limit. This type of coupon can be used after x no days limit over. And this limit can be calculated after the last order placed by the customer. for eg: The customer Placed an order on 20th July 2021 Coupon x days limit set 2 In this case, the user can use the coupon on 22nd June 2021 but not on the same day. Steps: 1. Click on Marketing->Coupons 2. Click on Create Coupon 3. Enter Coupon Code & Description 4. Apply discount options in terms of percentage or flat.

5. Chose the required option from "Applies to" as per your requirement. Here we are applying for Entire orders. 6. Enter no. of days after the last order user can apply a coupon to.

7. Chose Start & End date & finally click on save button.

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