CommerceUp brings up the different types of promotions for its users. These different types of promotions help you to increase sales & traffic to your online shop. What are these different promotions?
  • Sales
  • Coupons
  • Offers

Let's take a look one by one:

  1. 1.
The most common tactic used in marketing is Sales Promotion. It not only helps you to boost sales but also it’s a method of building long-term customer loyalty.
What do you think? Managing Promotions with your CommerceUp Platform is very simple & easy. You don’t need any technical knowledge & effort to add “Sales” to your eCommerce platform.
How to Use:
  • Open your CommerceUp Platform with your login credentials.
  • Click on Marketing Tab->choose the Sales option.
  • Click on the “Create Sale button”.
  • It will open the “Create Sale” window where you can create a new sale. The number of actions you can perform here: We will discuss it one by one.
  • Sales Description
In Sales Description; you will add the “name” & “description” for your sales.
  • Sales Discount Setting
Through Sales Discount Settings; you can apply the discount in terms of flat or in terms of percentage.
  • Sales Item Setting
In Sales Item Settings- You will choose the type on which you want to apply the Sales. Here, you have 3 options:
  • Category - If you want to apply the sale to a particular category, choose the Category option.
  • Brand - If you want to apply the sale on a particular brand, choose the Brand option
  • Product
  • All Product -If you want to apply the sale on all products of your store, choose the All Products option.
  • Collection- If you want to apply the sale on particular collection, chose the Collection option.
  • Sale Requirement Settings:
You will see two columns here-”Minimum Required Type” & “Minimum Required Amount value”. Before going further : You should know that it is not a mandatory option. Yes, but you should know how it is used? There are two options in “Minimum Required Type”. If you don’t want to use, choose “None” & if you want to use, choose “Item Store Price".
Now, the question arises : “What’s the use of this option”. Go ahead!
Through Sale Requirement Settings; you can set the minimum store item price value on which sale will apply. Suppose you enter value: ‘300’ then a sale will apply on the “type” where store-price is ‘300’ or more than ‘300’. “Type” may be category, product, and brand. It will depend on what you have chosen in “Sale Item Settings”.
  • Sales Start & Expiry Date:
Here, you can mention the starting date & expiry date for your sale. With date you can mention the time as well. Sounds good!
  • Save Sales
To save “sales” click on the Save button. It will save all the added details.

Important Points:

  • If sale is applied, it will show on the PL, PDP, Kart and in Order Detail Screen.
  • If sale is applied with the Item & Combined level Coupon with the same “type” which you have chosen during create sales & coupons, it will show the Coupons on the PL Page. In that case Sale will show only on PDP, Kart, and in Order Detail Screen. Type means on which you want to apply sales, coupons, and offers. It may be a product type, category type, and brand type
  • If advanced promotions, coupons, & sales are applied, It will take priority to Offers first. Sale will show on the PDP page, Kart, and in Order Detail Screen only.