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In Multi-vendor, independent vendors can sell their products through a single storefront. CommerceUp offers you the most trusted multi-vendor e-commerce market platform that will suitable for companies of any size. If you are planning to start your own serious e-commerce online store business then the CommerceUp marketplace is the best choice.

We are going step by step from creating the admin seller & add a new seller by admin. Step 1: Create an admin seller from the multi-seller tab.

  1. Click on Multisellers and chose the Sellers tab as shown in the below figure.

2. Click on the Add Seller tab to add admin. The first seller will be added as an admin seller. Admin itself treated as a seller.

3. Fill the admin seller details & click to save button.

4. The added admin details will be shown in the Seller List.

Important Points to learn:

a) The status of access is true for Default Admin in the seller list. Add Product & Auto order access will work in the next phase.

b) You can't delete the default supplier or you can't make any new admin for the project. Admin is treated as the default seller.

c) All the given access in the seller list is default true for the admin. Add Product & Auto Order access will be used in the next phase.

d) Click on Enable toggle & finally click on the Save button to enable multivendor for your project.

Step 2: Create a supplier account by Admin.

In the second step; the admin will create the seller account by following the same steps as stated above. 1. Click on the Add Seller tab. .2. Fill the important details of sellers like his name, mail-id, password, business details, upload logos, and give access to the supplier. 3. Click on the Save button after filling supplier details. Step 3: Products assigned to Admin

  1. Every added product has default seller admin. Click on Catalog->All Products tab. From the product-listing tab click on the Edit button.

2. Go to the Sellers tab & verify the default admin for your project. In this tab; you can check the quantity assigned to the default admin & seller.

Step 4: Assign Products to Seller By Admin

We have multiple ways where products can assign to the seller. The very first way: the admin can add a new seller from the Seller Details tab.

The admin will follow the following steps to assign a product to any new seller: 1. Click on the Seller tab as shown in the below figure.

2. Pick any one seller from Pick One Seller By Name dropdown menu.

3. Click on the Save button after picking the seller to whom you assigned the product.

4. The added seller will show in the Seller details like this: Here you can see the default quantity 0 is assigned to the supplier.

Step 5: Assign Products By Seller in Own Product-List

In the above step; we have seen how the admin can assign products to any of the sellers. But here we will tell you without any taking help from the admin how seller can add the product in their own product list.

  1. The seller will go to the given URL given by admin.

  2. He will enter his own credentials like his own mail-id & password created by admin.

3. Click on Store Catalog-> All Products. The seller can choose the products from the catalog list. Here a seller can see all the products which are on the admin seller dashboard.

4. Search the product from the catalog list & click on Bulk Add To Sell button.

5. The added product will show in the product list of the seller where a seller can update the quantity of the assigned product.

Step 6: Update Quantity of Products By Supplier

Once a supplier added a product in his product list; the next action he will take i.e update of quantity. The default quantity assigned to supplier is 0. The supplier can add the quantity by clicking on the Edit Quantity button.

Here I am going to add a quantity 2. But before going to add a quantity by supplier. Do we know the current quantity of the product? Don't worry! I am telling you. The current quantity of the product is 8.

After adding quantity 2 by the supplier. The current quantity for the supplier is 2. And for seller admin: The quantity will be 10.

Total Quantity for Supplier- 2

Total Quantity Available for Admin Default Seller - 10

Step 7: Update Quantity of Products By Admin

You have to remember the admin will do all the changes from his own CommerceUp dashboard. Don't confuse in this part. We have one admin & one seller here with different login credentials. In the same way; there can be multiple sellers of the same products.

There are two ways through which an admin can update the quantity of his products

  1. Manually

  2. Via CSV

Will start with the Manual way:

  1. Click on the Catalog->Product Inventory.

In this tab- You can view the total quantity of admin not seller. As we already know the quantity of default admin seller is 8 for the product Vanilla.

If the admin seller wants to change the quantity of the products, he/she can do this from here.

Here I am changing the quantity from 8 to 9 by clicking on the Edit Quantity button.

Now check the changed quantity in the Product Inventory tab.

Check your inventory in the Master Inventory means in the Product Catalog. The total quantity of Vanilla product is 11 here. The quantity of the admin seller is 9. And the rest quantity of the seller is 2.

2. Update Quantity via CSV by Admin

a) Click on Catalog-> Product Inventory-> Import Products(Qty).

Step 8: Add Quantity in Bulk by Supplier

  1. Click on Bulk Upload-> Import Quantity. Download the sample CSV for your reference.

2. Product Quantity of Vanilla added by Seller - 2 Now he wants to add the quantity -3 for the Vanilla product, not 2.

3. Please keep sku & quantity in small in CSV as the same mentioned in sample csv.

CSV File:

4. Upload Your CSV & start Import.

5. Check the Uploaded Inventory in Your Products tab of the supplier.

6. Again check the product Inventory in the admin Commerceup dashboard.

a) Go to the admin URL dashboard. b) Click on Catalog->All Products -> Edit> Seller Details.

Step 9: Add New Products By Supplier

A supplier can't add new products directly from his dashboard. But a seller can send CSV to admin. And admin can upload new products for the seller. 1. Go to the seller URL.

2. Click on Bulk Upload-> Add Products. Download the sample csv.

3. And after uploading CSV; click on the Send to Owner button. CSV will send to the admin via mail.

4. Add supplier csv via Import.

Step 9: Manage Order Section of Products by Supplier & Admin.

If an order is placed by the customer. It will come first in the Order tab of the admin Commerceup dashboard. Suppose a customer placed an order of product Vanilla. And the supplier of this product is Admin & supplier itself. So two suppliers are there admin & supplier Divya. In this way, multiple suppliers can be there.

a) What will admin do when an order comes?

Ans. Orders will assign automatically to their respective suppliers when any orders come from the customer side.

b) How admin can view the assigned supplier of an order?

Ans. The admin will click on the Orders Tab. And in Order Listing Page the admin will click on the View Seller Tab.

c) What will happen if any product request is canceled by a supplier?

In that case, the request of the customer is not canceled only the cancelation mail is received to admin. And the admin will assign the same product to the other supplier.

d) How will admin re-assigned the canceled orders?

When an order is canceled by a supplier then the admin has to manually re-assign the order to the supplier. The admin will click on the Assign Supplier tab in the Order detail tab & assign the order to the supplier.

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