Add Configurable products with variants like size and color (Advanced)

We know that your products are the services that you are delivering to the customers. Adding or updating product details is important & instant action of any e-commerce store. Keeping this in mind, we introduce you to a simple & easiest way to add & update the product details of the config item.

How to add Config Products and Make Your Store More Lively

Config means a product having different variants. It's is quite common to have a product with different variations. For example, a shirt might come in different sizes like large, small, medium, excel, and double-excel. You can easily add the config product for your e-Commerce Store by clicking on the Add New Product Tab from the CommerceUp Platform.
1. Click on Catalog->Add New Product. This will open the Product Detail Tab where first you will fill in the basic information about the product.
Add New Product

2. Save Basic Information

Click on Create & Continue to save the basic details of your products. It will include the product name, its price, quantity, category, brand, width, height, depth, delivery days, and other images of the product. After saving the basic details, you will be directed to the Variant tab.
Variant Tab

3. Add Attribute for Variant

You can create a variant for your config item by Clicking on the "Configure Variant Options" button. It will open the Configure Variant Attributes window. From here you can either select an already present attribute and add values to it or you can add a new variant and then add values to it.
Create Variants window
  • Create a single attribute & its value for the variant.
Click on the "Add New Attribute" button. It will open the "Create New Attribute" window. You only have to fill attribute name & its value. Then click on the Save button to save attribute details.
Add New Attribute
Create New attribute
  • Create a single attribute & its multiple values for the variant.
You can give multiple values to the attributes by adding a comma with them. Hence they are separated by a comma. Click on the Save button when you are done adding variant values
Single attribute with multiple value
  • View Attributes
The added attributes will be visible in the "Available Attributes window".
Available Attribute

4. Create Variant

Click on the + button to add an attribute in the selected Attribute window and then select the attribute' value. Finally, click on the "Apply Variant" button to create a variant for your added product.
Apply Variant
  • View Variant
Now, the created variant will be visible in the Variant tab. From that window, you can edit variant details, change the quantity, or store-price of your variant. You can also delete the added variant from this window, and you can also choose to make the variant "Default" to be listed on the product listing page, or you choose to publish the variant from the same tab.
  • Edit Details for Variant and Save
Click on the Edit button to open the Edit Variant window. You can edit the Variant details like its Original Price, Store Price, SKU, Product quantity, its weight, height, depth, and so on. You can also add custom fields, other details, and SEO details for the variant. And then save the details by clicking on Save & Close button.
Edit variant