Design Handbook

Banners sizes in commerceup etc.
Typography : Commerceup websites only support Google fonts at this point. We recommend using a maximum of 2-3 font variants in a complete website.
Colors : In commerceup predefined templates we use 3 color families : Primary, Secondary and Body color which can be customized from backend.
Icons : All icons in websites are either supported as png or Fontawesome. Designers please use the same icons as defined in library, Please do check following link for icons :
Images Sizes and Resolutions:
Recommended resolution (Width x height)
Home Page
Top Banner Desktop (Full width)
2000 x any
Top Banners Mobile (Full width)
1000 x any
Images in grid columns
1000 x any
Images in grid column mobile
640 x any
Icons of Toolbar
100 x 100 px
Logo (Square)
1024 x 1024 px
Logo (Banner) To be used in mailers, toolbar etc
600 x 200
Social media icons
Font awesome or 96 x 96
Product Listing & Detail Page
Products Images (Thumbnail and other media)
1200 x any (Best product image size : 1200 x 1800)
Mobile Apps
Android App Icon
512X512 (pixels)
32 bit png
Featured Graphic
1024 x 500
32 bit png
Splash Image
SVG or PNG (Max size 100kb and padding from all sides)
PlayStore Images
JPEG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha). Min length for any side: 320px.
Max length for any side: 3840px. Max aspect ratio: 2:1. (1080 * 1920)
IOS App icon
1024x1024 (pixels)
72 bit png
Splash Image
1125 * 2436 (Please keep padding from all sides)
Appstore Images
5.5 inch - 1242 * 2208
6.5 inch - 1242 * 2688