How To Convert Static Text Of Your Online Store

When you go on the CommerceUp e-commerce store you will find most of the text is static like Add to Cart button, Wishlist button, Add to Bag button, and so on. As a store owner, if you want to change this static text, you are in the right place. Look at the below steps to change the static text for your online store

  • Click on Settings->Static Text

  • Click on the Add Key button.

  • Select the key which you want to change from the Static key dropdown menu.

  • Here, I am choosing the Move To Cart static text button from the static key drop-down menu. And going to change in Drop To Cart. Add your custom text in Key value.

  • Click on the Save button to save your changes.

  • Add Key/Remove

a) With the help of the add key, you can add a single key or more than a single. On the other side, with the help of the Remove button; you can remove the key.

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