Another way of promoting your store and increasing sales is via running offers such as "Buy One Get One Free", "Buy "N" no. of products and Get "M" product free", or Buy X price of products and Get Extra Y% Off, etc. And to take care of that "Offers" comes in handy, using this feature you will be able to create multiple kinds of offers on your Products, Categories, Brands, collections, or on Cart.

How To Create an Offer?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to know how to create an offer.

  1. Go to Marketing -> Offers. (This screen consists of two tabs for active and inactive offers where your offers will be listed respectively.) Now to create an offer click on the “Create New Offer” button.

2. The Next screen is divided into three major sections -

Basic Info- Here you can fill in the Name and Description of the offer. You may also upload a cover image for your offer (Offer).

(Note- You may also show your offer on PLP by clicking on the "Show on Product Listing" checkbox.)

Apply this Offer on - In this section you will have to choose on which entity you want to apply this offer by selecting it from the dropdown menu - it can either be a Category, Brand, Collection, Product or you can apply offer on Cart level.

You will also have to mention the quantity on which the offer will be applicable.

Also in the Offer Type section, you can select the type of discount in terms of Percentage or Flat and also mention the amount.

Get this Offer discount - This section depends on the previous section and the type of offer you are creating. In this section, you will have to select the product or anything which are being offered as a discount or as a free item in the created offer.

Select the timeline for your offer-Now when you scroll down on the same screen, you will have to select the period for which your offer will be active.

Once you have filled in all the required data needed to create an offer, then click on the Save button. This newly created offer will now reflect in your store on PLP, PDP, and Cart Page.

Which type of Promotions you can run?

Although there's no limit to what kinds of promotional offers can be created, to name a few, the following is a list of offers that you may create

  • Buy 2 qty of particular SKU and get 3rd of same SKU as free (Buy X Get Y)

  • Buy any 2 products and get 3rd product free (lowest price to be free).

  • Buy "X" amount of a product and get another at a discounted rate (for example- 50% off, or 30% Off).

  • Buy an "X" product and Get a free item from a specific collection.

  • Buy X product(s) of more than Y price and Get a Flat "Z" amount

  • Buy one SKU and get 2nd of the same SKU as a free item.

To understand how to create an offer with an instance, let's make a "Buy One Get One" offer.

How to Create a Buy One Get One Offer?

To start with, go to Marketing -> Offers ->Create New Offer

In the Basic Info fields, fill in the name of the Offer and its description

In the "Apply this Offer on" section, you'll have to select the entity on which you want to apply the offer. In this example, we will apply the offer on a Category i.e. "Fashion"

In the Offer Type section, since we are giving an item for free in our offer, the discount type selected is "Percentage" and the amount is "100".

Now, in the Get this Offer section, select the entity that you want to give as a discount to your customer. In our case, we will take the same category but you may select another entity available.

And also select the quantity of the item you want to give the discount on, here the quantity is 1 since we are giving one free item.

Now select the period for which the offer will remain active in the store. and finally, click on the Save button to save your offer.

How does the Offer reflect on the store and how your customer can avail of this offer?

Since we selected the option to show the offer on the product listing, it will be reflected on the product card in highlighted text and also the offer will reflect on PDP and Cart Page (Refer to the image below).

In the PDP, the offer will be reflected with its Name and Description alongside a link called "Avail this Offer" which will redirect the customer to the listing page of the products that they can add to their cart as the discounted item (in our case, like the free "Get One Product").

Once your customer has added product from the "Fashion" category into the cart, the offer will be listed as the Available Offers.

Now, by clicking on the associated "Click here to avail the Offer" link, the customer will be redirected to the listing page of products that are eligible for discount offer (Remember we selected the Fashion category in the "Get this offer" section while creating the Offer ) from where a discounted product can be added into the cart.

Once a discounted product is added to the cart, the free item will be marked as "CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE GOT THIS ITEM AT 100% OFF", whose price will not be added in the final bill but will reflect in the cart discount.

Your customer can now place the order with a free item in their cart (since we created a buy one get one offer.)

Important points you Need to Know:

  • You can reorder the offer created by simple drag & drop in the Offer window using the "reorder toggle" associated with the offer.

  • If two offers are running simultaneously on the same entity “type”, then the offer which is at the top order in the offers list will be reflected on the product listing, although all the offers will be visible on PDP and Cart page.

  • In the case where different promotions (sales, coupons, offers) run on the same entity, then Offers will get the priority and will be reflected on the product listing.

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