How to Create an Offer to get Free Multiple items

Through this feature, you will be able to give an item for free or at your discounted rate on a cart from the multiple items that you select while creating a free offer. When you create this offer, it will be applied on the cart level.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to understand how this works and how to create such an offer.

  1. Go to Marketing -> Offers, click on the Create New Offer Button.

2. In the next screen, fill in the Basic detail like Offer Name, Description, Upload Cover Image(Optional).

To show the offer products on the Product Listing Page, check the "Show on Product Listing" checkbox.

3. Next, Scroll down on the same screen, and in Apply this Offer on section, select Cart by clicking on the Type dropdown menu. Also, fill in the "Minimum Required Amount", so once the subtotal of your customer's cart exceeds the amount, this offer will be available to be redeemed by your customer. For instance, here we are keeping the Minimum Required Amount as 300.

Now, in the "Offer Type" section right below, select the Type as Percentage from the dropdown and fill Amount as 100 (because our objective is to provide an item for free.)

4. Scroll down further to "Get this offer free Item" section and from the Type dropdown select "Discount Multiple Item" option.

Now, from the "Select Item" search box, search the products that you want to give as a free gift item from the existing catalog. From here you will be able to select multiple items just like in the image illustrated above. Fill in the "Quantity" as "1" (since we are giving 1 item as a free gift).

5. Now select the Start and End date for your offer and click on the Save button.

Note - Users will only be able to select the item as a free gift whose price is less than the item on which the offer was applied.

Once your offer is successfully created, it will reflect in the store on the cart page as illustrated below.

As you can see in the above image, the offer is unlocked once the cart' subtotal is more than 300. Now by clicking on the "Offer unlocked" card, the user will be redirected to the page on which the products you selected in the above step, will be listed. From here user can select the product whose price is less than the product which is in the cart.

Once a gift item product is selected by clicking on the "Add to cart" button, it will be displayed in the cart as shown in the below image.

As you can see in the above image, the free gift item is marked with the message "CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE GOT THIS ITEM AT 100% OFF", and its price is "Zero". The Customer may now proceed to check out.

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