Import/Export Pincode

How to import or export pincodes in bulk using CSV file

Using the import feature you can add multiple pjncodes at once using a single CSV file or you may also choose to export the pin codes that you are delivering to. In order to import/export follow the below-mentioned steps:

How to Import/Export Pincodes?

  1. In order to import Pincodes in bulk, you will have to prepare a CSV file containing data related to pincodes in the format illustrated below, you can also download the sample CSV from here:

2. Go to Your apps -> Serviceable Pincode, clcik on the Upload CSV button and locate your CSV file and upload it.

3. Finally click on the Start Import button. You can check import logs and see if there was an error while importing by clicking on the Logs button.

4. To export the pincode list and relevant data, click on the Export Pincodes button, and the pincode CSV will be mailed to you on your associated business mail id.

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