How to View Wishlist/Cart/Orders of a User

Through the backend of your store (i.e. commerceUp platform), you can also view the products that your customers have added into their cart or the products they have ordered so far. you may also view the products a user has wishlisted in a few clicks.

  1. To view a cart or orders of a user, go to Customer -> Users, locate the user, and click on the action button associated with a user.

Via the Action button, you can also view the wallet history or the wishlist of a user, and you can also delete a user from here.

2. You can also view and export the wishlist of all the user in one place, by going to Customer -> Wishlist

To export the wishlist data of all your users, click on the Export Wishlist button.

To view a specific user's wishlist, click on the View button.

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