Commerceup has introduced a new way of hosting which helps our merchants in choosing their own cloud service provider (preferably AWS, GCP) and choosing right resources, machines dedicatedly running for your website independently. Commerceup is a micro services API driven headless e-commerce architecture, Which means each of our services can be combined together at one machine or can run independently to handle large scale traffic and transactions.

When you should opt for Self hosted option?

Self hosted option is for Commerceup merchants who do not want to share their resources or database with any of the other clients. Moreover, you are highly secure with compliances as everything is running in your comfortable region of your instance.

Multi tenant architecture comes with its own pros and cons. Sometimes you can easily upgrade changes and reflect for small changes can affect you or your store if not done properly. In case of self hosted your store is independently running in your choice of cloud premise. You have right to upgrade or downgrade according to your choice.

You can always opt for multiple AWS services which helps in securing your stores more from different kind of cyber attacks and much more.

Potential benefits of single-tenant self hosting include:

  • Security: A single customer and a single server is often contained on secure hardware being used by a limited number of people.

  • Dependability: With an entire environment dedicated to one client, resources are abundant and available anytime.

  • Customization: Control over the entire environment allows for customization and added functionality, if desired.

Potential drawbacks of single-tenant self include:

  • Maintenance: Single-tenant typically means more tasks and regular maintenance to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

  • Setup/Management: By comparison, SaaS multi-tenant environments are quick to setup and manage.

  • Cost: Single-tenant typically allows for more resources, but at a premium price given that there is only one customer for the entire environment.

Frequently Asked Questions :

How does it work?

Commerceup is an enterprise e-commerce as a service platform so you still need not to worry about anything if you are not sure how to manage my servers. Commerceup experts setup your servers and machines as per your choice and recommend to use according to traffic or budget planning. This may take 2-3 weeks for complete migration.

If you are already a Commerceup merchant using Commerceup hosting, Commerceup team will help you to migrate to your AWS at given migration cost. Please reach out to your account manager for more details.

How do Ii decide which servers I need?

Currently Commerceup experts or partner team can analyze your traffic and an estimate can be given for your choice. However final costing of AWS may differ for resources, usage and availability zones. There is no exact information on data transfer and just estimation can be done.

Examples are given here

pageHosting Deployment options on AWS

Can I use my own hosting provider which is not AWS?

Commerceup is a platform deployed as an infrastructure. You can host on a single machine or can deploy as micro services API infrastructure which cannot be done on regular hosting providers. Currently Commerceup team has worked closely with Amazon Web Services to make smooth transition. Commerceup is planning to launch self hosted solution on GCP, Azure and Heroku soon in near future.

Who manages my servers and hosting?

Your cloud migration or hosting setup is done by Commerceup team one time. More over if you want any change you can choose on demand or dedicated support of Devops from Commerceup in case you need to fix, troubleshoot or upgrade your choice of servers. Your AWS access is given to your team, You can also opt and manage at your part (if you can)

Commerceup is not responsible for managing your servers if you have not opted for dedicated devops team or developers support. Merchant is responsible for paying amount and bills of AWS directly.

Who manages the servers in case my website gets high traffic or run sales?

Commerceup team manages the servers, You can inform your dedicated account manager in advance in case of any abnormalities or high sales. Accordingly team can be prepared to handle the same in advance without any interruption. In case merchant need urgent help, Merchants can opt for Devops support or developers support on demand.

Can we manage our servers on own without any help of Commerceup?

It's your cloud provider and you can amend any changes as you want, in that case Commerceup is not responsible if any failure comes. If you do have good knowledge of saving, optimizing AWS architecture you are free to do so. As Commerceup code base is currently managed and owned by commerceup team, for any deployment you will need commerceup developers support on demand.

How do we edit any changes in our store frontend or backend? As Commerceup is managed by team and partners team. It is an e-commerce as a service platform. Commerceup team or partner team is able to make code specific changes on Client/Merchant's behalf. Most changes which do not require code changes can be done by client's support team. For other changes you can opt for developers support offered by Commerceup or partner team to amend any changes on your behalf.

Do we get access of code base to get our in house developers working on it without Commerceup support? No, Commerceup technology is owned and managed by Commerceup team currently. You can choose your hosting but code is still managed by Commerceup team itself.

Only in specific cases, such as development partners team or license approved client may get access of code base of Commerceup tech stack to make any changes. These license can be purchased with help of Commerceup sales team and can be renewed annually. Please connect with Commerceup sales team for the same.

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